Second Edition 2022

Think, Create, and Share!!!

The second in-service training session of German teachers on interdisciplinary practice workshop was don from August 05 to 15, 2022 at LCE Cameroon, Yaoounde-Cameroon. With the financial support from Netwirkung, an NGO based in Germany, LCE was able to offer high-quality in-service training to nine (10) teachers. This idea of in-service training was born in a context where all actors in the education system (teachers, students, parents, inspectors, etc.) are complaining more and more about the theoretical aspect of teaching. As a possible solution to this challenge, we decided to organize six (06) training sessions to develop practical competencies by developing practical activities based different modules given by ministry of secondary education. 

At the end of this 1st training session, teachers have developed three practical competencies as well as one language competence. The practical competencies were the production of candles, decorative flowers, and making wooden trivets.

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