Founders Mindset

The story of Liliane and Sylvain is an inspiring example of young people taking action to make a positive difference in their society. By initiating "LCE-Cameroon", they are showing that it is possible for individuals to create change and have an impact, no matter how big or small.
Their commitment to developing and improving their society is commendable, and it is clear that they are passionate about making a difference. Through Life is a Symphony, they are likely to inspire others to take action and contribute to positive change in their own communities.
The tagline "Life is a Symphony" is a beautiful metaphor for the many different parts of society coming together to create something beautiful and harmonious. By working together and supporting one another, individuals can create a society that is more just, equitable, and inclusive.
Overall, Liliane and Sylvain should be commended for their initiative and their commitment to creating positive change. Their story is a powerful reminder that young people have the potential to be agents of change and can make a real difference in their communities.

Liliane Diffo Guemfo

Liliane joined the Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon in 2013 as a teacher and education facilitator of German in Yaounde Cameroon. She is the President and co-founder of the LCE-Cameroon since November 2019. She has the responsibility of undertaking online documentation for Cameroon schools project and promoting communication between schools.

As the President of German Teachers’ Association in the Central region of Cameroon from January 2019, she promotes the teaching and learning of the German language in secondary schools through organizing cultural activities and as the team leader of academic and scientific writing consultants.

An accomplished linguistic and academician: Liliane is currently a PhD student in Didactic of German as Foreign Language (Since 2019). She holds MSc. in Linguistic and Didactic of foreign languages obtained from the University of Yaounde 1 (2015 – 2018). She attended the Advanced Teachers’ Training College of Yaounde from 2010 – 2014 for her BSc. in Didactic of German as a Foreign Language.

Sylvain Wagoum Nodem

Cameroonian-born Sylvain obtained a master’s in physics at the University of Yaounde 1 in the year 2017, after which he completed a professional training in Network Security at the National Advanced School of Engineering. 

His passion for mathematical sciences and its applications, and his exceptional academic credentials paved the way for him to be selected as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar for the 2017-2019 AIM-Cameroon Co-operative master’s Program where he finished among the best.

Work Life: Given his exceptional performance at AIMS-Cameroon, he was hired upon graduation as Research, Teaching & IT Assistant, a role he holds till date and has notably contributed to by reorganizing the Grade Management System for use by AIMS-Cameroon tutors and the Academic Director.  As co-founder LCE-Cameroon, he doubles as the Executive Director and ICT Manager for the award-winning not-for-profit organization and seamlessly manages the challenge of combining work at AIMS and overseeing the running of LCE-Cameroon.

Mme. Liliane Diffo Guemfo
Co-founder and Center President
Mr. Sylvain Wagoum Nodem
Co-founder and Vice-President
Mr. Cedric Kana Messeni Second Vice-president
Mr. Cyrille Wandji
Project Coordinator
Mr. Leonel Nanga
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Mr. Patrick Fredy Fezeu Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Mme. Ingrid Moadouas
General Secretary
Mme. Pamela Ankoume
Deputy Secretary
Mme. Georgia Legnida
Human Resources Manager
Mm. Famanou Faya Félicité Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Ngueme Owono Mario
Account Manager