LiSy Creative Education Cameroon is giving an opportunity to all teachers and other educational actors, to promote their oral expression and allow them to positively impact the educational community by sharing their experiences.
Project Context

The main objective of LCE-Cameroon is to develop teachers and students’ practical skills, and one of the important one for their professional integration is public speaking, hence the idea of LCE-Talk. The common situation is that the teacher who every day faces some challenges in their duties but does not have a platform to talk about it and propose solutions or raise points of reflection that can help colleagues going through the same situations.

Sample Topics
  1. You have wrongly punished a student.
  2. A student has publicly disrespected you.
  3. You want to share your greatest success as a teacher.
  4. You have ideas about education for sustainable development in Cameroon.
  5. A student broke down in tears over a disciplinary action you took against him/her.
  6. A student had a personal problem, and you took the initiative to help them solve it.
In January 2023, we organized the festival of education under the banner of the LearningPlanet 2023 Festival with the tagline "Learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet". It was also an opportunity for LCE-Cameroon to officially launch its LCE-Talk project which has as theme "Experience Sharing" and whose objective is to give teachers and other educational actors the opportunity to develop their oral expression and positively impact the educational community through the sharing of their experiences. Let's enjoy the videos.
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