About Us

Who we are?

LCE Cameroon is a non-profit initiative (Association) whose objective is to “give secondary school students the tools to develop their creative thinking and practical skills in various fields for a better integration in the socio-professional environment.”

In a more specific way, we want to:

    – promote the development of student’s practical skills,

    – promote creative learning methods,

    – help students to develop problem-solving strategies.

    – provide psychological support to students with academic difficulties,

   – Organize seminars and workshops with students, teachers, and parents on various educational topics,

    – Provide opportunities for talented students to share their practical skills with other students.

Why LCE Cameroon?

We have observed with regret that our school environment mainly the francophone system in Cameroon, provides very limited opportunities for students to develop their practical competencies and this has 2 main consequences:

    – The first one is the lack of practical skills and creativity of secondary school students and even teachers.

    – And the second one is the lack of motivation for teachers (Effect of routine).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the transfer of practical skills to students through a better form of learning by providing them with the necessary tools that can help them better integrate the theoretical content taught in the classroom.

Our optimal goal is to improve the quality of education of our beautiful country cameroon.

Our Vision

In the next then (10) years, we want to build an African platform where teachers can come together to innovate in the development of practical strategies for creative teaching in order to enhance the transfer of practical skills to students.

Our Philosophy

We, at LCE-Cameroon, develop and work on projects that enhance capacity building of teachers and creativity/practical skills of students. We are working under the tagline: Think, Create, and Share!!!