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Quality education is the fundamental basis for improving people's lives and sustainable development.

December 10, 2020: Visit the FACT orphanage in Essos, Yaounde


This was an initiative of two German teachers at the FACT Foundation in Essos, Yaounde-Cameroon. In collaboration with the secondary school students, they gave a smile to the orphans of this foundation with a program focused on games, cooking, Christmas decorations, greeting cards and a surprise at the end with the presentation of Christmas gifts. LCE Cameroon was invited to support the project with Christmas cards, it was a wonderful experience.

December 05, 2020: Christmas Tree, LCE-Cameroon and Goethe Institute


LCE-Cameroon was invited to join the celebration of the German Language Day at the Goethe Institute in Yaounde. On this occasion, the president of LCE-Cameroon moderated an activity of making Christmas tree decorations. A total of 06 students participated in the workshop and learned how to make origami such as cubes, 3D stars, spirals, garlands, balls, and angels. The students were very enthusiastic to participate in such an activity for the first time.

December 12, 2020: Manufacture of electrical extension cord


The practical workshop of the teachers during this 3rd session focused on electricity. In an interdisciplinary framework, the teachers of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and German made electrical extension cords with and without earth, as well as series and parallel connections. This experience was very exciting for the teachers and especially for the Math, Biology and Foreign Language teachers.


November 28, 2020: Teacher's Capacity Building


The second training seminar with teachers focused on the place of creativity in teaching. The teachers discussed:

    1- the current situation of creativity in schools,

    2- the characteristics of a creative teacher,

    3- the limits of creativity and its strategies.


In addition to that, teachers carried out a creative activity of making placemats with clotheslines. They concluded that it is time for educational staff to become aware of the absolute necessity to develop not only their own creative skills but also those of the students. This can be done by putting into practice the skills-based approach adopted 7 years ago in Cameroon.




November 14, 2020: Workshops with Teachers


The aim of the creative workshops is to develop the students' creative ability. This will allow them to develop practical skills and concrete problem-solving strategies that they face daily.


LCE Caneroon has started a collaboration the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in France on November 2020, with the training of ten (10) teachers. Indeed, teachers are the main actors on the implementation for our proposed solution and they are from different fields, all willing to be trained:

    - Computer Science,

    - Mathematics and Physics,

    - Biology and Chemistry,

    - Foreign languages.

Recycling and DIY workshops


LCE Cameroon has been invited by the EduNeC association to moderate the recycling DIY (do-it-yourself) workshop with participants aged 12 to 16. The objectives of the workshop were to teach participants to: recycle objects used in daily life, make repairs themselves, protect the environment, develop their creative faculties, develop strategies to solve everyday problems, take initiatives, and develop self-confidence.


Various results were obtained at the end of the workshops such as new candles, storage boxes, ower pots, decorative baskets, customized shoes, storage kits and boards and toilet soaps.


Participants were very enthusiastic and curious about the activities and repeatedly expressed their amazement about the results at the end of each workshop.

November 27, 2020: Drawing Workshop


Combination of three disciplines: art, and history and civics. The goal, for students, was to draw the important tourist sites in the central region of Cameroon (Saint Anastasia Park, the statue of Charles Atangana, the reunication monument, the basilica of Mvolye etc.) and through a short text telling the history of these sites, invite tourists to visit them during their journey.


This was an amazing experience for all of them, since it was their first time to take part in a school workshop outside the school: a wonderful time learning more about Cameroon's history while enjoying themselves.

Exhibition of Educational Games


One of the objectives of LCE Cameroon is to bring students to learn while having fun and to bring teachers to use the didactic games approach. At the German language day at the Goethe Institute in Yaounde, we made an exposition of didactic games like logic game, quick calculation game, vocabulary game and Puzzle.


About 50 students from 15 different schools visited the exposition stand and participated in the games. Many of them expressed their amazement at doing fast math and logic in German. The German teachers present praised the creative design of the games and wished to learn how to make them.